My hearts on the line
Even though I can’t read your mind
I want to breathe you in and
Exhale your grace
My feelings run deep with you
There’s better days ahead for us
but I need to take a leap of faith
and tell you how I feel before It’s too late
I hope you’ll give me a chance 
So when the time comes
I hope I’m ready to bare my soul to you
Cause this is more than a feeling
You’re a part of me and
Together we could be
They say everyone needs a hero
and that’s what you are to me
You make a better tomorrow
and a brighter day
I know that we could be
I like that you’re not plastic
when disaster strikes
You’re authentic and real
You don’t speak in code
you tell it like it is
I know you’re worth it all
You’re burning through my veins
you take me far away
Don’t you know I mean what I say
cross my heart hope to die
I’m sincerely yours
If you give me a chance
I’ll never let go
but if you don’t then that’s okay
at least I got this off my chest
cause i would go insane if I never told you
I’m still hoping you say yes
I know we could be extraordinary

By John and Edward Grimes