Hello to everyone that dares to be different this is John and Edward!

It’s the best thing in the world to not have to think and just do and be you! Life can surround you with chaos but it’s all up to you to not get dizzy and stay focused! Never get disheartened and always have a beating heart that’s ready for life and ready for opportunities that have yet to happen! So much can people have worries and that is okay but it’s not letting those worries take over you! Friends are awesome and friends can make you smile but it’s perfectly okay to be on your own and alone because you’re not in the movies and you don’t have to get all emotional just because you feel you need others to make you happy! Forget about what other people are doing because all that does is put you in the sidelines watching and you deserve to be on the race course racing at life screaming Yeaaaah!! Love you all and we think you know that already!! Jedward xoxo