Paul McCartney and us are more relatable than ever before and it Feels Great!

First of all we were asked to come to the Warner Party and have previously attended the Grammy Warner Party In LA twice. We were being polite and didn’t want to be ungrateful and make the most of the night! We arrived and there was a frenzy of paparazzi taking pictures! We had a weird feeling about the whole party from the start! It was a major set up!! The Security appeared and we were like what’s going on we haven’t even talked to the guest team! It was major discrimination and was weird that paparazzi were in place to capture the set up moment! It was all very calculated with the security team! This is no reflection on Warner music who we have major respect and love for their artists who we had being hanging out with the day before! Just wanted to speak our mind and not be set up for a fail! We have never used the term “do you know who I am?” We know that this has happened to legends like Paul McCartney! Guests from the party had seen us and came out to confront the security team and they couldn’t understand what the problem was as we were told we were on the list! Never again will we be used for a pre planned Celebrity bashing story!