Words are powerful and can really surround you but never cave in!

They can make you feel wonderful or they can crush you on the inside and make you feel like a thousand pieces of broken glass when hurtful things are said about you!
People need to think when they talk about others! Everyone has a character and reputation no one has the right to make someone feel worthless. Just let people be and don’t feel the need to bring people down to make you feel better!
Looking back on the amount of lies and hurtful things we have been labelled is insane we are survivors and still to this very day everyone thinks they have an opinion on us but we just deal with it! Without all your love and support we wouldn’t be as strong as we are today so thank you for always supporting us when someone has tried to bring us down and our achievements!
Don’t let them get to you! When someone try’s to undermine you for their self gain don’t let them! You are way stronger than you think!
Don’t doubt yourself or what you want to do!!